HeavenNezCree artist/creative director Luzell and John were the epitome of love. Their home was the scene for holiday gatherings and casual backyard parties. A quaint garden replete with hydrangeas, lilies, carnations, honeysuckle and a rich array of vegetables lined either side of an arrow-straight path leading from the patio to the crimson garage. Husky flowers intertwined with ripe, juicy tomatoes and overflowed from bright cardinal baskets. The lawn was meticulously kept and the concrete patio was fashionably painted red. Married for over 55 years, Luzell & John lived a life surrounded by the finest they could afford. Yet, the material possessions weren't the point. The point was sharing that beauty with those you love. As their granddaughter, I stand at the helm of Luzell&John, the boutique for Art, Photography and Design. Waking each day with a renewed creative vision and tremendous passion for bringing design ideas and art to life. Each creation emerges from a place of genuine love. Every art design is special. There is no outsourcing. I genuinely wanted to share what I see, imagine and create. I hope you enjoy your tour around the site and find something that will fill your day with brightness, light and fun. - HeavenNezCree HeavenNezCree is a graduate of thee Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio and is an EMBA student at Howard University in Washington, DC                 UNSHAKABLEFOCUS ON BRINGING JOY AND SPEAKING TRUTH THROUGH ART  The wide-array of art offered for viewing and acquisition reflects my  commitment to staying true to my voice and mission of finding ways to bring joy to people across the globe. Luzell & John, the Boutique House of Art, Photography and Design follows in the tradition of sharing beauty with those you love.  With an eye for art and expression and the desire to create pieces that make people feel happy, I am excited to open the doors to Luzell & John. Pieces for the home - Wearable art - Gifts of Love - Special Events.  Luzell & John, the boutique house of Art, Photography and Design is there for you.-by HeavenNezCree 





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