There are pieces that sometimes need time of their own in the spotlight.  Either because they speak to a current moment, or they evoke a feeling that is more effective at expressing than any words.

 Thank you for visiting this virtual exhibition of featured artwork.



Sondra and Sandra were both sisters in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  Lifelong best friends, their friendship spanned seven decades. Sandra passed away in July of 2017.  This work commemorates their sisterly bond, and as such speaks much more deeply of their sisterhood than my words can convey in this moment.


Sondra is my mother. Sandra was my aunt.  This work is called "Queens of the Cabaret"



On August 12, 2017, the US was rocked yet again by hate and violence.  In the wake of a white nationalists rally, the division among the people was further eroded.  Another life was claimed, and we still are left trying to figure out how to peacefully cross the racial divide.


The separation of  people based on class and complexion is one of the biggest lies  ever sold. This work is called "Liberty, Waiting to Exhale".